Emmanuel Global School


Emmanuel Global School is known for its endeavor to achieve excellence in all fields. It is synonymous to provide quality education, along with encouraging co-curricular activities. The turn of the century has changed our lives. Facebook & twitter have has also adopted to the global churnings. Although central problems that a school faces remain-what to teach? and How to teach? But the answers are different today. The focus is on; Processing information rather than on collecting information; on acquiring skills more than on acquiring knowledge; on managing self as a leader as well as a team player; on being physically fit; on being socially responsible and on being globally aware.
For a meaningful and a rewarding education, it is absolutely essential that the school and the parents work in unison. We, in school and you, at home have a divine task of moulding and framing the young minds because we are dealing with the key age.
Parents and teachers have always played an important role in shaping lives of students but in the contemporary context our role has been rewritten as there is tremendous increase in information, knowledge, opportunities and competition. We owe our children, opportunities to become all that they can become, to value themselves, to be self reliant, to be free from the stress, to be able to live peaceful lives, to celebrate the moment, to fulfil their higher needs and to feel a sense of purpose in this world. We invite you to share the joy and success in nurturing the future of universe.